Let us give thanks to God who works wonders in his Saints.

To think of the Salesian Family at the present day is to recognize Don Bosco as its Founder. This is why we speak of the Salesian Family of Don Bosco. The rapport he established with certain persons and groups was quite special and privileged.

With Pius IX he shared the hopes and difficulties associated with the new institution, the Pious Society of St. Francis de Sales, planned in the image and likeness of the human family with God as its Father, and of the ecclesial family with the Pope as its common father.

With Mary Mazzarello he lived a spiritual and religious experience which is noteworthy for the Lord’s interventions; for the providential encounters and the light of a reciprocal intuition which rose above the prevailing apostolic contexts; for the authentic and fruitful collaboration that went into the founding of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians.

With many believers, committed to the good of the young and the strengthening of the faith of the common people, he experienced the strength and efficacious results of working together and drawing inspiration from the Gospel and the example of the Good Shepherd. This is how the Salesian Cooperators came into existence.

At just over a hundred years after his death the salesian phenomenon continues to cause astonishment for its geographical extension and the growth in numbers of its groups which, with their own individual characteristics, look to Don Bosco as the Father of a great spiritual family. The harmonic unity of the foundational charism, pastoral charity and the strength of the Spirit’s gift to Don Bosco, ensure the atmosphere and environment of growth and substance of a Salesian Family.


Don Bosco inspired the start of a vast movement of persons who in different ways work for the benefit of the young. He himself founded not only the Society of St. Francis de Sales (Salesians of St. John Bosco) but also the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the Association of Salesian Cooperators.

Including these and others that originated in different parts of the world, the Salesian Family today consists of 28 officially recognized groups that have a total of 402,500 members.

These groups live in communion with each other, share the same spirit and, with specifically distinct vocations, continue the mission he began. Don Bosco’s charism continues to inspire people of good will. There are currently 23 more groups that are seeking membership within the Salesian Family.

The following members are present in the FIN:

  • Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB)
  • Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA)
  • The Salesian Cooperators (ASC)
  • Federation of Don Bosco Alumni
  • Association of Mary Help of Christians (ADMA)
  • Associacion Damas Salesianas
  • Volunteers of Don Bosco (VDB)